luni, 31 octombrie 2011

Din cand in cand Amarillo

Ne gatim in fiecare dimineata. Ne gatim linistiti sentimente la foc mic. 
Ne gasim din cand in cand meditand la lumina lor.
Ne gatim viitorul in gand si din cand in cand da pe din-afara, cu bulburuci si bulburoace si ne arunca cat colo, de ajungem in fund pe podeaua rece. 
Ne gasim in fund pe podeaua rece unde gatim din cand in cand amintiri din veri trecute.
Le amestecam cu regrete nespuse si le piperam cu niste lacrimi moarte. 
Ne gandim apoi la ce va sa fie, acele ganduri strambe intre ce-i acel "acum" si ce-i acel de "maine". 
La sfarsit.....
Ne gasim intr-un caiet, ne gatim cuvinte negandite demult si aici ne pastram sub tacere "eul"  intre cel de ieri si cel de azi.

vineri, 28 octombrie 2011

Contextual Differences

I have heard a lot of times the following sentence " I don't need a man, I want a man" . I used to say it frequently being proud of it. I choose. It is not chosen for me. However you choose given a time and a place, you choose given some contextual issues, you are a lawyer and not a doctor, you are a business man and not a worker. The differences are huge, the context shapes your wants. You may want a man, but you might need another type of man. The differences are there somewhere, but being young, wanting to show ourselves, our "muscles" to the world, I am independent, I don't need a man to open the door for me, I don't need a man. Point. A big fat point. However when you feel lonely, out of place in a new room, when you don't like people kissing next to you, when you feel the world is too big, too spherical, too gray, than you start thinking " I want a man" or maybe its your biological clock ticking, or maybe its the need to be "someone" in someone else's eyes, then if you think about it, maybe its more that you need a "someone" there. Off course, not anyone. That is comprehensive and logical. Not anyone, someone for you. There is a point when the choice arises. But the first level of every choice we make is the "Need" to do it. If you don't believe me, just read Maslow's Theories:D

joi, 27 octombrie 2011

Dureri de oameni mari

Se strang ganduri rele
Se strang in jurul gatului meu scurt.
Ma aplec sa imi culeg din urma taceri pierdute
Deodata le simt cum se strecoara in jurul mainilor  mele
si strang.
Sunt legata de maini si gatul ma doare 
Iata copile ce inseamna sa fii om mare.  

luni, 24 octombrie 2011

Second Place Brand Religion

Normal people have this image in their heads when they think about the story of David and Goliath. They think about the biblical fight between this nice young man and this huge monster of a man. They fight and the outcome is not as anticipated, the little man wins, because of his smartness and his faith. The story applies today as it applied in those ancient days. Its a story most of us carry with us, being inspired by its meaning. However this is fdor normal people, for non marketeers. I realized recently that my opinion on David and Goliath story has changed dramatically.  Nowadays when I think about David and Goliath another name appears in my mind- the name of Richard Branson. Its quite strange you might say. How is this possible, he can be Richard Branson, famous, glamorous and so on, but he can't get to the level of "biblical stories". However when I think about David and Goliath I think about a positioning, a positioning of a challenger brand in the way that a challenger brand can position itself - against the "Big bad cat" or the "Goliath's " of the market place. And this is what the virgin brand did with most of its brands and this is Richard Branson's special "competitive avantage". Maybe is not as convincing as " we try harder" but its quite convincing as this marketing strategy is put into practice by more and more brands every day. "David and Goliath" is the true story within the Cristian religion and today leaves a foot print for the challenger brands.

vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

Red and Black Dreams

In my wardrobe there is a little red dress. I used to look at it every day thinking- tonight, tonight its gonna be the night to wear it. Now my little red dress is not on my wardrobe is on the floor. I use it to clean the house from time to time. My red dream was there along side my dress and in between the moment of the dream and the moment of what it would have been reality I just lost it somewhere on the floor, and I am using  the dress to wipe it out. I have a new dress in my wardrobe. Its black and short and wonderful. I am waiting for my black dream to come with it. To wear it at a party in a huge room filled with people that I may know or not know and I'll dance in the middle of the room, until my dress will become blue and my dream will reshape my room, my dress, my people.

joi, 13 octombrie 2011

Categoric si Cu Siguranta am devenit femeie

Mi-ar fi placut sa devin o balerina. Sa am cocul sus si picioarele rotunjite, sa fiu eu toata armonioasa si nu formata ca acum din colturi de fetita, alungite de trecut. Sunt acum o femeie. Am observat asta revenindu-mi din somnul incalcit al matematicilor de liceu si al cursurilor lungi si dese ale marilor succese in universitati de stat. Am observat asta cand mi-am dat seama ca ma gandesc la cum o sa fiu cand un copil mi se va arunca in brate rostind " mami". Am observat asta cand am recitit jurnalul pe care il impart cu cea mai buna prietena a mea si am realizat cum literele isi schimba sensul. Am devenit femeie cand m-am dus la parastas si am jelit si am jelit cum jelesc femeile cu ochii si cu sufletul si  peste mult timp m-am indragostit  si am suferit si mi-am jurat- gata cu dragostea, gata cu iluzia asta de doi ani jumate, gata cu tot ce a fost si cu tot ce va fii. Si sunt femeie cand imi dau seama cat de copila sunt, cat de categorice imi sunt uneori gandurile si cat de categorice mi-as dori sa imi fie simtirile. Imi dau seama ca sunt femeie pentru ca imi dau seama ca nimic nu poate exista cu totul. Acel "cu siguranta" e un cuvant al basmelor cu printi pe care mi le spunea tataie si mai continua mereu "cu siguranta si la anu vom merge si vom juca la botezul printului cel mai mic". Categoric si cu siguranta astea sunt doua cuvinte ce m-au facut femeie.