vineri, 28 octombrie 2011

Contextual Differences

I have heard a lot of times the following sentence " I don't need a man, I want a man" . I used to say it frequently being proud of it. I choose. It is not chosen for me. However you choose given a time and a place, you choose given some contextual issues, you are a lawyer and not a doctor, you are a business man and not a worker. The differences are huge, the context shapes your wants. You may want a man, but you might need another type of man. The differences are there somewhere, but being young, wanting to show ourselves, our "muscles" to the world, I am independent, I don't need a man to open the door for me, I don't need a man. Point. A big fat point. However when you feel lonely, out of place in a new room, when you don't like people kissing next to you, when you feel the world is too big, too spherical, too gray, than you start thinking " I want a man" or maybe its your biological clock ticking, or maybe its the need to be "someone" in someone else's eyes, then if you think about it, maybe its more that you need a "someone" there. Off course, not anyone. That is comprehensive and logical. Not anyone, someone for you. There is a point when the choice arises. But the first level of every choice we make is the "Need" to do it. If you don't believe me, just read Maslow's Theories:D

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