vineri, 10 februarie 2012

cheated_ admited_ but what if?

A lady came up to me today - she told me she was slovenian she was having trouble in my country, she told me she was mugged. She told me she has no place to stay tonight and she has only a car. She told me she was all alone in a new country. In a word in a new way she was trying to cheat me- to make me give her money. I knew that from the minute she started speaking but what was the wonder that really made me give her something- not at all what she wanted- around 20 euros, but something around 2 euros was the fact that she made me doubt. I am almost sure she was cheating. She told me nowadays people are not people anymore.. I tell them my story - slovenian girl that comes to help some cause in development- something about cancer... because people are always afraid and they are right to be, of cancer. And then she told me all this things.. probably made up about the fact she was mugged. Nevertheless I gave her money. Why? because of the maybe element. I could not be sure she was not telling me the truth. Could i have risked leaving with good faith a young girl with no money, no nothing ... just going around Bucharest. It;s more than possible.. she may have tricked me, but the "may", the doubt if i would not have tried to help in a way or another would have stayed with me forever. 
So I sayed- better to be cheated of 2 euros than to be indifferent and become earlesss to people's pain. I could not risk it..i could not risk not helping her.. at least in a very very small way. I was cheated. I know, but what if? 

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