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Unchanged Change

Change is imminent. It is that force that drives societies; that makes things that used to be impossible, now possible.

Change is strange because, actually is not real. It does not work it self out, it does not transform and it is something new only at first- then change becomes the rule so it is not change anymore

Change is only artificial. Is drawn by hope, sometimes with effort, sometimes without.

Although it is "prayed for" - We just need a change... We need to change the way we think, the way we act, the way we are... When it is here, change is scary and I don't know a single person that reacts natural and positive to change. We don't like change, at least at first. We have this inner inertia that makes us live through it. Survive it.

Change is the hardest thing we do and it is not real. People change only a little, they mature, they adapt, but real inner change is just a myth. Some of my high school friends would say- you that always were the optimist one, the one that is enthusiastic about everything new...you don't really believe in change?

The duality in a person is always there  a bad person can do good things, and a good person can do bad things. This is the gray in life. There is no good or bad, there is only this human touch that is both.

Change is imminent because we need it. We need to think there is more to it. So we try and sometimes we succeed.

We go far away from that poor neighborhood that we used to live in, we hire babysitters for our babies, we go shopping in Milan, and we play sports.

We think of all the things we can still do. We plan but behind all this...behind it, there is that fear, that maybe someday you'll be forced to go back to that poor neighborhood, cause all has change except us. We still are the same, minus maybe some hair, or some extra weight... and some new knowledge about a specific are of expertise that helped us get here, at this point in time.

People at their core do not change. They try to change the environment, and sometimes succeed, but change remains artificial. We need it. So it is ours to provide.

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 Do change something tomorrow. It's good exercise. 

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