joi, 3 noiembrie 2011

Bound to Consensus

I am reading this amazing book about brands and there there is this saying- if you are a challenger you have the following advantage, you are not bound to have consensus from the masses. This is true, as a leader you need to have consensus, if not your share will decline and obviously you'll no longer be a leader. At the same time, as a challenger you need to be different, to stand up so you need to appeal to colour, to sound, to feelings and you need to shock, to create a new way in which people think about what your brand is capable of doing. If you have reaction, you are on the right track. You might say, well but what if you have a totally negative reaction- even then, the idea is to get the buzz, to bring the comments to your Facebook page, to your website, or blog, to communicate and to   make them understand and at least respect/ appreciate your stand, if not agree with it. Its safe and good to be a leader, but sometimes its more fun to be a challenger. 

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