joi, 12 ianuarie 2012


I've discovered a new way of walking- its impossible you'll say, walking was discovered long time ago. Walking is what all beings do, except the ones that swim or fly. They just do what they do. I discovered a new time of being, while walking alongside my friend. Its totally impossible, how would you discover a new time of being when there is only one time and that is your time. And then I walked the path of friendship with trees surrounding us. And I spoked the British language and time was mine and so I discovered a new tipe of walking. I am walking in time, alongside my friends. Going up and down surrounded by trees that will always be green and tall, in a place I love. And in a couple of years, I'll discover a new type of flying and then I'll fly in a boat and take one by one, my trees, my loves, my walks and my time and I'll fly to the land where everybody speaks the British language. 

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