vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

To be the amazing one

To have the strength to get up and say it's al right, I am ok. Don't worry friend. Don't worry for me.
This is courage.

To have the strength to keep trying, to fight for your dreams, when you tried once and failed.
This is valour.

To seem happy and smile for your friends, even when in your heart a war is taking place...
This is generosity.

To have this big bear hug, that you share with all the important people in your life, that is always the hug people need.
This is more than caring, this is love.

I know only one person that is all of the above. Not only that I know this person, I love her, she is one of the closest people in my life... Whenever I need her, and even when I don't she is there.
This is friendship.

For me she is amazingly amazing. For me she is family.

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