miercuri, 28 noiembrie 2012

Some memories that are never to be forgotten.

Remember when we used to talk about anything as it was everything?
Remember when we used to cook, at first me then you, and then both of us or the three of us... in your kitchen? Remember when because of you I learned to love cooking?
Remember when with my eyes not closed but not opened, sometimes I could not talk because of the sorrow I was feeling?
Remember when... you said nothing... just stood there with my hand in your hand?
Remember when... we were always late? and the boys were waiting for us to go to diner, to sushi or whatever? Remember when... we went clubbing and you drank 12 shots of votka? you the little tiny you... You surprise me... I knew you are so strong.. you could do anything... but this.. I said.. "maybe is not such a good idea.." Do you remember you were perfectly fine? Not at all tipsy or dizy?
Remember when in our group we just stood and watched movies and spend time together, and went clubbing, and we were all... with all our hearts.. there.. in Renu's room.. or in our kitchen... playing I never? Remember you know almost all my little secrets?

I just remember the feeling I had in that airport.. when I left home. I felt happy for knowing you... and after that... started waiting for our reunion.

Tsingtao... my dear one.  I drink a beer and think of you!

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