joi, 7 februarie 2013

remember your first paper monster

remember your first kiss.
that smell of youth, those little noses that touched together to make a big paper monster.

remember you did not loved him. you just did not understand how come he can be such a strange boy. You always had something for strange boys. He used to sleep on the desk and not on the bed, he used to listen to loads of rock, he used to use only the window to climb down from one building, the concept of door was not familiar to him.

This boy was the first boy you kissed in a summer camp.

remember your first kiss. the kiss of teen's souls in summer, when everything is a road trip and your heart for one night can take the place of the wardrobe, waking up the next day as a beautiful simple door.

This first kiss was the disaster that caused that big paper monster to come to life, for one day - that is how much our "relationship" lasted...cause he, that strange boy with too large t shirts and too strange look, loved another. Cause that girl that I used to be at 16 with brown eyes and high expectations, loved nobody but was so full of the paper monster.

what did you liked about him, my friend asked... and I replied... he never slept in the bed. I like people that refuse sleeping in their beds. They show potential of prepossessing themselves another great paper monster.

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