vineri, 12 iulie 2013

Years of Insanity

Years of insanity. Years of full insanity when the main worry of the day was what book should I read next, what dress should I wear, where to go and what to do. Years of being a teenager, with drama and with lots of worrying for the future, but in a philosophical way, of course, as we were the next generation of intellectuals.

Years of pure insanity. When people from all over the world met, talked, shared their stories, their lifes and their ways and left. Years of pure joy when friendships were made not instantly. Friendships that do not talk the language of interest or obligations or of any other selfish idiom. Friendships that work even when people do not communicate as much, even when people see each other once or twice a year. Really meet somewhere online of course cause the journey would be too much for this times we leave in.

From those years of pure insanity I remember one, that began with this lovely girl, blonde with such blue eyes that was sitting along on a chair and with this other girl that was me...both were so enthuziastic and so commited to their future experience as students in that campus. They sat next to each other. They've became friends. I rarely believe in acts of destiny but this was one such act.

That year I had an automn dream. A dream so beautifull and fragile, a dream of the gods and artists. I loved that dream with all my heart. In september I always have this automn dream... in september and when I see beautiful art, beautiful flowers... and beautifull drawings. It's a life long connection, although in reality it was one year.

I have met there in this central corner of the world this women that seemed to be a child. She had this way about her, and people that did not knew her, thought she is like a bebe, a small and innocent bebe. She was my friend. She became one of my best friends in the world. She is kind, her kindness comes from a knowledge and a calm that I do not have, from her culture and her believes. She believes in people, although not so much in man. That man that will come along will be really lucky and also should expect a challenge. She is one of the most matures and emotionall and also rational people I met, she is a cocktail of beauty and grace and anoyness - when she forgets to answer her invoices, and kindness and a bit of sorrow. This woman that she is, may pass as a child. This is just one of her marvelous charms.

Years when I didn't really liked a girl at first, she was in a group with people that didn't seem to like to interact...she seemed a bit arrogant. But then I talked with her. And at the end I was her friend. And I will send my kids to her... in hollidays as I don't know somebody that would take better care of them.

Years of insanity where words like gandmara and zelenium and where spice food and feasts and games have made us a group.Where tea's on Sunday and cocktail dinners, where going out on Vodka REV was not the best place, but the best place for us.

Years when I learned something about hindi culture... about this men and women that are wonderful, helpfully, intelligent and have drivers and servants, but are not so different as I thought. They dance and sing and learn and talk, they talk a lot, and they are wonderful individually wonderful. Especially my flat mates, my extended flat mates.

Years of insanity and of that only one that made me know another world - complicated, strange, exciting and knowledgeable one. One where we become friends.

Years of insanity and friendship. Good years.

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