luni, 23 februarie 2015

omorfi mou's turtle tank

will you become that crazy old woman with the turtle tank, a gun in her pocket and a gum in her hair?


will you become that stubborn old woman with goats near her bed and small journals lying around next to her dresser?


or will you be always young? will you carry youngness in your heart not as a burden, but as a way of vowing for all those people from your past, for all those moments that made a difference some time.

Maybe I will

will you want to have your remains cremated like in the movies when your children have no idea what to do with you now that you are not?

Maybe I won't have children.

or will you have an old house near a big city and will fill it up with all the junk possible, all the things you do not need and just read all night and sleep 'till lunch, as your country old neighbors gossip about you as they see fit.  

Maybe I will read during day time. I will vedge and read.

What about you? Will you be the man with the goat?

I am already here.

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