joi, 1 decembrie 2011

A stranger in my heart

People say its hard to leave your home, to go to another country, to encounter people completely different- different culture, different mentality. I do not disapprove. Its definitely hard to leave your house, but its two times harder to go back home. Its another world, not your home any more. Your familly is still yours, but everything they say seems different from what you remember. Everything is different. And we never like different. Diferrent is hard, bur different when you know its has to be familiar.. different then its definitely the hardest. You become a stranger in your home. You find your place, but you are just a person that is visiting- although maybe you are visiting for months or years, you are visiting. You love everybody- your parents, your siblings and your friends but in your heart you remain a stranger. 

2 comentarii:

  1. Very well written mada, and I completely second your thoughts. But if we look at the mirror image of what you've written... it might show you a different prespective. Change was inevitable. It happened to us, changed our lives. Made us a different person. And here we stand with same people, familiar atmosphere but a 'different me'!

  2. I think what you are saying is true, the new me, is always different. On the other hand, sometimes the new me wants the old me back, cause this would make things easier. What we all look for, in a way or another is balance, balance of the spirit... of the heart, of the mind..balance between who we were and who we have became :)