luni, 24 septembrie 2012

For my friends far away.

There comes a time when you feel close to home, being a part. There is a time when being far away you feel close. The distance makes it all better. The bad parts aren't so bad. The good parts are better, ofcourse, this is how we are build. To desire what we don't have any more. We want to be home, close to our parents to our families, cause in the big bad world at least one big bad wolf will bite us, sooner or later. It's the nature's way of saying- little lamb what are you doing so far from home.. that is until we become first a big lamb than a bigger one and then finaly people mistake you with the big bad wolf and show their fearful respect. There comes a time when home sounds so sweet and so close. 

However arriving home, the big lamb that passes as a wolf reshapes.. he takes the form of the little lamb again. It's home, dear. This is home, you feel safe, protected and sometimes bored. What does the little lamb when he gets home? He stays for two - three days and then he wants to leave. Where we all want to go? In that place where we can miss home. I that far away land where people don't yet know us, but they might. They might not like us, but it doesn't matter so much, the expectations are low... we are talking about potentials big bad wolves but sometimes we may be lucky and just find other big lambs disguised as we are, in wolves. 

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