duminică, 17 februarie 2013

Facebook Complex

We, as humans require feedback. We as humans are programmed to work hard to be liked by others. We don't work good being outsiders. Even as outsiders, we strike to find others like us... to be outsiders with us.

Someone invented social networking. It become the most common thing in the world. To have a status with your thoughts, to have some pics that talk about you, your interests, your travels, the way you are. To have friends and some decent and responsible security profile requirements added. And then...it's almost imposible to stay away for more than one maximum two days. You want to see how your friends are. You want to see what other interesting things they posted. And let's be honest... you have such a crave for gossip, and Facebook is the best source of gossip in the world - at least at the moment.

Recently I met with some of my friends and asked... why do you need facebook? One of my friend, that used to work in the digital ad industry told me, I am very used to go on facebook, is my little secret and was big part of my job. Another friend told me I just see people growing and changing on Facebook. They have babies, that afterthat are going to school and then... to highschool, and although you saw that man or woman just once in your life, you are facebook friends with him/her, and you have an idea of whom he/she is, and his family, etc. We become accepted stockers. And this is not a bad thing, this is the way we get to connect this days.

If I want to meet up with my friends on skype, I go on Facebook and just ask- Saturday at 9? I know they will have to see this message. It's imposible not to see it. I have conversations on facebook. I live one hour a day at least on facebook and sometimes I get scared, cause anything that produces a type of dependency is not a good thing.

My facebook addiction is routed on the fact that I have so many friends far away. This is what I tell myself. But sometimes maybe it's routed on the fact that I need those "likes" I need them to feel "accepted" to feel that I belong. It's a way of swimming  in the big sea of psychological feelings of being part of something.

Maybe some of this days I will try to stay on Facebook only one hour a week...one hour of others public appreciation is more than enough.

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