duminică, 21 aprilie 2013

From the moment when there will never be only about love

Imagine this young and nice blonde young woman. She is not the prettiest or the smartest of them all, she is not sassy and she is not as charismathic as others can be, but she is genuine and she believes in her dreams in her friends in this wonderful road ahead. She wants to find love. 

One day during her 17th year of existence, she falls in love...she wears hats and she wears hearself with a smile, always with a smile. She tries to be fair and kind to everybody and she finds whatever happens, finds her heart full of love...and he, that boy that her heart chose is always there. 

You know the difference between a woman and a young woman? 

The young woman only considering the separation, she would be crushed, she can not see herself a moment post the separation, for her something will stop, a part of her will stop from existing right in that instant. 

You know what is the funny part? It really stops. And it is not her heart as the silly romantic movies would picture it, and it is not her dignity even though this may be hurt as well, but it's something else, something that leaves our soul and dives into the sky, when our tears hit the ground.

There is a difference that must be stated, if she was the one that initiated the sepparation then in the back of her head this thought will rise... "Am I able to really love? Am I able to find a man to love?" 

And if she was dumbt then maybe even more, another similar thought will be born "Am I not good enough to be loved? Am I not lovable? Or I am, but not for more then one-2-3 years?". 

This two thoughts that weren't there before, this two thoughts are that little bricks that build the bridge to womenhood. 

A woman is not a woman until she becomes a little sarcastic, untill she watches romantic movies, smiles and keeps wathching them but knows always that this is only a movie.. this can never happen in real life. I used to ask my mother when I was around 12 years old, I used to ask her, mom do you think a man like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, will come and say something like "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"? Mom smiled and she said... You have to understand this is a movie.. this things happen only in movies. 

Well... when you watch a movie with this silly happiness at the end and smile with a little bit of sarcasm, an honest smile nevertheless.. well then you are a woman. 

Those thoughts have transformed you and now love will never be only about love. 

Not only about love...but mostly about love? Nope it's mostly about those other things that can support love, even if there is a different kind of love... not the one that makes your whole conscient and unconscient dreams flower. 

Romantic love gets like most other things in life prioritised- respect, common interest, same or almost same status, looks, education, intelectual background, attraction and hopefully love. 



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