duminică, 31 iulie 2011

Romance of a friend

I read some thoughts tonight, thoughts about love and pride and going there where no man before  has gone.  I read some thought tonight about an apple and an orange that will never find themselves in the same plate. I read some thoughts tonight that made me think of an old man that will write letters to his wife at 62 still using a pencil and will play board games with his nephews. Tonight those thoughts made me see a part of a man i do not  know so well, but i do trust. Tonight I read a part of his soul because he let me there, he gave me the key and tonight I feel less lonely than the day before.  Only one thing stays on my mind, it shouts unreason and untruth- The lovely apple and the kind orange if they are meant to be on the same plate, they will find their way there, and they will be different,  they will stand out and they will just be, if not another apple or another orange will take their place in their mind and heart and so the story continues with a fresh apple and quite hansom orange .....Forever after. 

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