sâmbătă, 20 august 2011

big bad cat

a little mouse is in the corner of my window. 
a little mouse is in the aisle of my heart.
a little mouse is running from the big bad cat.
a little mouse is covering his ears
and the same mouse is pulling his own teeth out.
he is scared and he runs till reaches another corner of my window 
he follows the labyrinth of my soul, 
goes up to my spirit, runs down through my body, 
he sees my hail and my heaven,
he sees my darkness, but he is not scared, he likes it there.
he sees my light and he stops. he can't handle my light. 

why are you running little mouse? 
why are you running and towards what? 
this window is all that you will ever see. 
this window is all that you will ever have
he is looking for a whole:
                                        beneath my darkness and above my light. 

.........the big bad cat is smiling from the opposite corner. "let him look".   

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