duminică, 28 august 2011

Sharing my love for Leeds

In a room, on the 12th floor, in a flat that I share I see the light of the city that I learned to love and I know that I don't even know this city well. I don't know its people, I don't know all its road. I know only the roads that go around the city centre and the university campus, I know only the roads that bring me back to my room from two or three main clubs that I can afford to go. I don't know this city as I thought I would after one year of leaving here, his secrets are still his and that is why I know I will come back, one day I will come back to Leeds, just to see other students having barbecues, having picnics or barbecues, having dinner parties or theme parties or just students that are feeling home sick. I don;t know how much this experience will help me from a professional perspective, I certainly hope that will help me, but I know that this experience helped me to discover a part of me that I did not knew I have, that is a strength to link my soul to other people completely different from me, to people that leave in another corner of the world, that have different cultures, that speak different languages and that maybe even like different things, but people that feel the same and have something very important in common, the need to leave a foot print in this world, to come back to Leeds, and to scream from the 12th or 16 th floor, I was here and now...now look at me, I left but I know my way back. I have to thank my tutors, not only because of what they thought me, but also because of what I stole from them, their attitude towards little things, their way of not stressing so much, but of being serious and committed to what they do. I have to say that the M in Marketing is now a bit different for me, than it was before, and i have to thank also for this. I know a year is so little time, and passes so quickly. Just yesterday I talked with Eli, with my friend and she told me, I can't believe you are leaving this month, its like just yesterday we arrived here, in Leeds. For her and for me, Leeds is a begining for a new way of looking at things for a new way of leaving. Leaving Leeds, will be hard, because when I leave, my new friends will leave as well, my new amazing friends, that are so different but that learned with me, not only marketing, but learned with me how to talk my language, and thought me how to speak theirs, I don;t mean only words like - chudo, gandmara ( that for me mean nothing but i heard that in hindi are quite bad:P) or nazdrave, or zelenium or omorfi mou,abrazos etc, I don't mean words I mean feelings, I mean sharing a look, sharing a thought sharing a drink and sharing a memory. I mean becoming friends. Even with the people that I had not become friends, I know that in a way I will think of all MA Advertising and Marketing, because I will think about that feeling that I had, that changed me a bit, and I think that in a way we all, that were here in Leeds, in 2010-2011, shared. To conclude, I look at the city lights, I wonder if my flat mates came back from Cranfields  and I worry about my dissertation, but most of all, I dream about the future with my new strength that raises from my heart, the feeling that link me to this people that in a way seem so different from me but that in the real way they also love Leeds.

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