sâmbătă, 6 august 2011

The other

I remember that when I was little and I used to go with my parents to the sea side my father used to always argue with my mother over the same thing- " Why do you feel the need to bring so much luggage? We are staying just for a couple of days" My mother would smile and say: " admit it - you are afraid she won't handle it". The "she" element is essential because this is how my father related with his car, all his cars. Whenever we would go on the road he first would sit in the driver's seat and tell her- you can do it, I know you can. And then we would drive for hours until reaching the sea side. Later, in a lecture at Uni one professor was discussing a theme in  car advertising, the idea of the car being like a mistress, like the other woman, and he gave us a very good example of a car ad that had convey this message very well. When I found this ad I thought about his story, and thought that the majority of men at some point in time tend to prefer their cars over their wives or girlfriends, because at least with their cars they know that they are able to win any argument.  I like this ad also because of the social message, that everyone, no matter the age or nationality should Never have unprotected sex! unless you are in a long time relationship, both of you were tested and you don't mind having babies:)

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